Blogs vs Vlogs – Which One To Use To Get the Best SEO Advantage?

Whether you blog on your website daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, you want to ensure your readers are getting the best value from the blog and it entices your audience to react to your desired outcome, either gaining subscribers to your channel, email list or newsletter, or hitting the enquiry button to get in contact with you about your service offer.

But what method of blogging is best? Well both content rich articles, blogs, or YouTube linked videos, vlogs, will produce a similar SEO outcome, that is both can create user interaction, likes, follows, shares and so on, however, depending on your product or service and what your customer avatar focus is, can make a difference. Marketing what your product achieves through visual video from film production, time lapse camera, mobile video footage or dash cam can be very powerful. Describing what your product achieves through written articles, social media posts or commenting on other blog sites, and always try to add an appropriate picture to enhance the written words.

Below is a few tips to help you decide if blogs or vlogs is best for what you offer:


  • Use if you need to describe senses such as see or hear
  • Physical results such as construction, landscape, styling, exercises etc.
  • Digital outcomes like follow along demonstrations, courses etc.


  • Use if you need to describe senses such as taste, smell or touch
  • Services such as professional office based businesses (lawyer, accountants etc.)
  • Follow along procedures like recipes, work flow method, care instructions

As always if in doubt do a little of both and see what works best for you.

3 Tips To Making Your Online Marketing Work

The internet can be tricky to navigate at the best of times, and when it comes to your online marketing, we sometimes overthink things too much and make it harder than what it really is.

Here is the best 3 tips I received from my good friend Andrew at Multum Tech Pty Ltd.

  • For website security and up to date functions, always check and ensure your plugins and wordpress are updated regularly. Put a note in your calendar to check this monthly.
  • Having your website ranked by the search engines on what it is about, have your on-page SEO completed. The search engines can then read correctly what you are all about and rank you correctly for certain keywords.
  • Make sure your website links to your social media profiles and vice versa. Posting on your website and also in your social media on a regular basis creates alignment and shows others that you are regularly looking after all forms of your online marketing.

Small, simple and effective steps to protect and help your online marketing for your website.


If you’re looking to rank well in search engine pages, you’ll need the services of an SEO expert or agency like JC Advantage. Studies by Google show that more than half of all users searching for products, services and information online don’t go past the first page of the search results. Google is constantly changing its algorithms and how it views content which means applying ineffective SEO strategies might harm your online reputation rather than bearing fruits. Here are some of the reasons why you need to hire an SEO expert for your business.

Limited Knowledge on Search Engine Optimization

Things are no longer working as they did some time back when marketing professionals simply needed to understand SEO basics. Although you may attempt putting together an SEO campaign with limited knowledge on SEO, you won’t achieve your desired results.

An SEO professional will use the best SEO practices to ensure your site has an optimized structure. It’s important to have your site’s performance analyzed before performing a keyword research to find out the keyword phrases your competitors are using. That’s what an SEO professional will do.

Lack of Time

Most companies never realize that SEO is not a one-time strategy. An effective SEO strategy takes time and consistent effort before results can be seen. Outsourcing your company’s SEO to an expert will save you time and allow you to concentrate on what you can do best.

No Search Presence

It takes a long duration of ongoing time and continuous effort to rank well and drive targeted traffic to your website. Now, if your business site can’t be found on the first page of search results yet it has been around and established for a couple of years, then you’re not on the right course. You’re missing out on many opportunities to convert and sell your products or services. Hiring an SEO professional will help you rank not only on the first page but also on top search results.

Keep Track of Changes

Google is always changing its search algorithms and it’s not easy to keep yourself abreast of all the updates being made. Hiring an SEO professional or agency helps you to focus on your busy schedule as the professional keeps track of all the updates and changes Google is making to its algorithms. This ensures your SEO campaign stays updated thereby ranking higher.

It’s more Cost-effective than Doing-it-yourself

Probably you’re one of those people who love doing everything by themselves. You could be having some basic understanding about search engine optimization but it’s important to understand that there are people who know about it more than you do. You’re more likely to get it wrong when doing it yourself since you don’t understand everything that needs to be done. Furthermore, you could end up spending more money than you would by hiring a professional.

SEO professionals ensure consistency and treat all web pages on your business site as an online campaign thus optimizing them for users and consumers in different locations. It’s time you invested in an SEO campaign that builds an online reputation that’s natural by hiring an SEO professional.


Google is always making big changes to its algorithms with the aim of cracking down on sites that use questionable SEO techniques to gain unjustified ranking on search results. The main purpose of these changes is to ensure websites improve user experience by ensuring original, relevant, quality content. Here are some of the most important things you need to know about search engine optimization today.

Although Content is King, Good Content Rules

If you’re an online marketer, your focus should be on publishing quality content, both on and off your websites. It doesn’t matter whether your content is audio-based, video-based, text-based, or a combination of either of the three, quality is important. Your content can only be ranked high in search results if it’s of high-quality and valuable or relevant to the users.

Remember Links are not bought. They should be earned.

Buying a link is some way might hurt you. You’d rather earn your links through endorsements since paid links won’t count. Search Engines such as Google are passing out penalties for easy links and you don’t want to be a victim. According to Google, legitimate links are those you get when someone writes about your service or product and links to content about it.

Speed Matters

Everyone expects the highest quality from any service they’re receiving and that’s exactly what Google wants to deliver to users. What’s the speed of your website? If your website has sluggish web pages, you’ll most likely rank lower compared to websites that are faster. It’s, therefore, important that your website loads quickly so as to ensure a better user experience.

It’s important to fix technical issues

It should be your priority to fix every technical issue that affects your website’s SEO. Anything that seems to be hurting the SEO performance of your site should be fixed. You may ask why this is more important. Well, it’s not just about your site’s SEO performance. The recent updates of Google’s Panda and Penguin have made fixing technical issues even more important than ever.

Don’t focus so much on keyword optimization

Probably you’re not aware of the fact that relying so much on those specific keywords and putting them all over your pages isn’t as helpful as it used to be. Of course, you want to rank for those specific keywords but remember relying on keyword optimization might end up lowering your rankings and traffic for those keyword phrases.  A good practice is to ensure there are a variety of words within your content.

Remember to use structured data where relevant

By now you should be aware of the fact that search engines use or rather rely on HTML tags and/or structured data to ensure improved display of search results. Search engines use structured data to interpret the content on your site more easily. That explains why you need to make use of structured data and HTML tags where relevant. Who knows, it might soon become a search engine ranking factor. Your goals should be to ensure Google and other search engines can understand the content on your website in a structured way. That’s the only way to ensure your content is presented more attractively and accurately to search engine users.

Finally, online marketers need to pay attention and focus on brand signals, social signals and mobile search engine optimization. We both know that the number of people using mobile devices is increasing every day. That means people are using these devices to search for products and services online that ever before. It’s important to focus on the different needs and different behaviors exhibited by these users accessing websites. Use responsive website design to make sure your site is tailored to both desktop and mobile users. And don’t forget that SEO is ultimately about trust.